Take My Yoke

take my yoke

As I’ve mentioned before, God has called me into a season of rest, which is definitely a challenge to obey!  However, during this season, as I read Matthew 11:28-30 I find comfort, in a whole new way, so I’d like to share with you!

In my graphic above, I’ve highlighted the key words that spoke to me:

“I will give you REST

 “Take MY yoke”


“You will find REST

“My yoke is EASY

“My burden is LIGHT

The recurring theme is REST: Finding rest in CHRIST.

Following the dream God’s placed on my heart, while good & purposeful can become an idol in itself if not done in obedience. ===>TWEET THIS

My zeal & my passion, while beneficial in many facets of my life, can also become a hindrance, when God calls me to a place of REST & I struggle to release & obey.

The God-sized dream God’s given me, opened doors for me to walk through, and I love walking, isn’t intended to be a burden. This dream isn’t intended to weigh me down, stress me out, or max out my days. This dream is supposed to come along side the life God’s called me to, and simply BE.

“BE still & know that I am God”.  More often than not, I’m guilty of going & doing so much that I forget to just BE. I forget to just allow God to work in me, as I stand still.

Taking the yoke of Christ is FREEING. It’s not a burden!

His Dream for me is Holy, not Heavy.

Walking my God-sized dream needs to be the same way!

So today, I choose to take His yoke for me… it’s light & I need light right now.

How about you, friend? Have you been spinning your hamster wheel, vigorously pursuing your dream, and forgetting to take time to rest? It’s time to fall off that wheel & on to your knees; finding comfort & rest in Christ.

Will you take His Yoke with me?


link up time

I’m grateful to be linking up in two places today!
Holley Gerth on “Coffee for Your Heart”:

Simply Beth for “Three Word Wednesday“:
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10 Comments on “Take My Yoke

  1. Satin, I love this Scripture, and I know that God is going to meet you there as you take intentional steps to rest in His care. Thanks for this reminder that I need to jump off that hamster wheel and sit at His feet.

    Stopping by today from Beth’s linkup! 🙂

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  2. “Following the dream God’s placed on my heart, while good & purposeful can become an idol in itself if not done in obedience.” Love this because it so darn true! Wanted to return the visit, Satin!

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  3. You’re so right. Fulfilling our God-sized dream is definitely not supposed to be a source of stress, but marked by joy. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t take some work…but not to the point of exhaustion!

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  4. I love this scripture! And I love graphics – I just wish I had more time to learn how to fully use them! This particular scripture was one of the reasons I started using my God Jar…to rest…my desire to rest and find release of anxiety, worries, and stress is there…I am working on the “letting go” part a tad bit more!

    > beautiful post <

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  5. This is such an area God has been speaking to me on. He has placed on my heart to make Sunday more of a day of rest and to do the things that restore my heart…like the long walk I took today. And then spending the evening with my son and his girlfriend watching a movie. We need to allow this time for Him to fill us.
    I’m looking forward to a morning of resting with a sweet friend next weekend over a cup of coffee! :)))))
    Love you! I’m so grateful for your friendship.


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  7. AMEN! I can attest to the truth that only God can give rest. But I must be obedient to choose it. I do not want to burn out while pursuing my passions. Will you give Beth a hug for me, and ask her to give you one from me too!

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