Reveling in “Wait”

As I embrace this season of “wait” & “rest”, the Holy Spirit gave me this understanding and I could hardly wait to share with you!

revel in the wait & rest

Wherever you might be on your journey, may you join me in reveling in the here & now.

May you look up to Christ, and focus on Him, rather than that mountain your facing.

And may you bask in His promise to move that mountain, & make something beautiful from it’s ashes.

Appreciate your love & encouragement on this journey!

How may I pray for you today?

Much Love,

love satin


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10 Comments on “Reveling in “Wait”

    • Wow, Jana, I love your post! Thank you so much for sharing! While it’s not pain I’m experiencing, this time of rest is one I need for my own spiritual growth, as well as the health of my body & family. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what rest looks like for this season… seeking God for discernment & covet your prayers. Appreciate your support & friendship & looking forward to getting to know you too!! ♥


  1. Satin that hit the mar! Thank you for sharing the journey. Just what i needed to hear.
    Your prayers would be appreciated. Facing intensive treatment fpr ms and before that treatment to kill infection so..i can have the treatment that stops ms! BUT…i am in the capable hands of the my Father and He knows every detail every ne
    Lots of blessings,strength and assurance you are His treasure.


  2. Thank you for sharing your journey and the invitation to join you in the mountain-moving “here and now” Satin. Also appreciate the reminder of God;s promise to make something beautiful from ashes. I got to thinking that sometimes God doesn’t remove mountains but gives us everything we need to climb them to the sure summit…while we actually rest in Him..


    • Maria, you are so right! Sometimes God’s best means climbing that mountain, not watching it fall to the ground! He works in mysterious ways & I’m so blessed to see all He’s doing in lives like yours! Thank you so much for the love & encouragement! Have a blessed day! ♥


  3. I just adore you and THIS is beautiful. I’m joining you in reveling in the here & now. Looking up to Him ALWAYS. And I’m ready to return to CA to spend more time with you!! Love you.


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