Journey to Rest ::A Pause::

jesus is waiting

When I started Bonnie Gray’s book Finding Spiritual Whitespace, I had no clue where my journey would lead me, or what God would speak to my heart.  I did know however, that I wanted to make a blog series out of this book, and share my Journey to Rest with you.

My first post told you about a childhood experience that lead me to embracing a falsehood about rest.

My second post addressed a letter to my younger self, denouncing the lies I’ve embraced about not only rest, but also about myself as a whole.

As I’m learning to rest, I’m struggling, yet giving in & choosing to fully embrace the words Bonnie shares in her book:

“Jesus is Waiting.
I stop easily for others.
Will I stop long enough for me?”

So friend, I’m stopping for me.

This week, instead of forging ahead with my planned four-part series, I am pausing to REST.

I’m tired, weary & worn out. This week has held challenges I didn’t expect, along with the emotional & mental stress to be expected.  I need time to rest & fuel up again with Jesus, so I can share His goodness with you!

If you’re having a rough week as well, I hope you’ll rest with me & then meet back here again next week for part three of my Journey to Rest.

Praying you find shelter under the shadow of His wings. (Psalm 17:8)

love satin2

This post is a ::pause:: within a series entitled, “Journey to Rest”. 
Previous Posts:
Week 1

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13 Comments on “Journey to Rest ::A Pause::

  1. Satin, I’m praying that the Lord provides all you need in this time of rest, and peace as you deal with difficult days.


  2. Totally understand where you are at. I boldly stated that I would submit a book review blog post during the first week of release of Bonnie’s book. But have twice had to move the date as I was just taking on too much at one time and couldn’t yet find the words to say what I wanted to say. Most people, especially those who are on this particular journey with you, understand your need for a pause. Rest easy Satin (by the way, I love your name). 🙂


  3. Satin,
    May you get the rest you need! I completely understand needing to put things aside to just rest and just be. How easy it is to feel the pull to do for others and put ourselves on the back burner. I am struggling right now (again) with what it is I would like to do and what it is God is calling me to do. But for now I’m trying to set everything aside and just find contentment in the here and now.
    And while I rest and step away from blogging I will paint my dining room and kitchen!
    Blessings to you — and sweet dreams! 😉


  4. Hello sweet friend. Always thinking of you and so glad you are focused on you and resting with Him. Saying a prayer for you right now. Much love. xoxo


  5. Hello Satin…I’m your neighbor this week at Holley’s Coffee For Your Heart. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I enjoyed this post sooo much because I have had one of those weeks and needed this reminder to rest :-).


  6. Hi Satin,
    We are close neighbors at Beth’s linkup. 🙂 Neat!

    I hope that your time of rest shows the clarity, comfort, and peace that you need. I encouraged Barbie at My Freshly Brewed Life and I like to give you that same encouragement – I’ve learned that the times of rest are a gift to hear things more clearly. To really take care of ourselves and hear God’s direction.
    I also hope that your family business does well. 🙂
    Live blessed,


  7. Hoping you have gotten the rest you need. It’s always good to pause and take care of ourselves too…it’s hard though isn’t it? Thinking of you and hoping you are doing well on your journey to find white space. Love how God has brought this book into our lives at just the right time!


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