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Let the Words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your site, O Lord.

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The Gift of Rest is a Sound Mind

2 timothy 1 7

Parenting has the tendency to threaten our peace with fear, doesn’t it?

There are several ways the enemy can plant seeds of fear into our head, threatening to sink deep into our heart & destroy the peace that Jesus provides.

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Garden: Where Aphids don’t belong

Five Minute FridayToday I’m joining Lisa-Jo Baker for her 5 minute Friday where we’re given 5 minutes to write. No editing, no fluffing, no second-guessing.


Aphids: those nasty white flying bugs that get all over plants & kill them. I hate them!

This past weekend, I took some time to rescue a very precious plant from these dreaded Aphids! You see, this plant is one my dad gave me back on Valentine’s Day 2008.  Being diagnosed with cancer in April of 2012, it’s become all the more important to me that I keep this plant alive, as it represents my dad & his constant love for me.

As I tackled the task of rescuing this plant from Aphids, I first started by spraying them with a gentle yet firm stream of water from the hose.  This removed them from the leaves & stems.  Mind you, it was while doing this, that I realized just how pesky & sly they are! They burrow themselves into the stems of the plant & are very difficult to get out!

Next, I carefully & lovingly pulled the plant out of the pot it was in and started breaking away the soil around the roots.

In that moment, the Holy Spirit began to minister to me.  I began to realize that I too, have aphids in my life-burrowing deep inside my heart & life, eating away at the woman God desires me to be. Aphids like over-commitment, ungodly words, bad attitudes & anger to name just a few.  In order for me to ever gain the victory in these areas, God requires that He wash over me like water, and then dig deep inside my heart & uproot His roots in me, replanting them in fresh soil so I can truly grow again.

Being stagnant simply means we aren’t growing. When we aren’t growing-the reason can often be Aphids.

Time alone with God, allowing Him to wash us clean & replant us is key to healthy growth.


How about you? Any aphids in your life that God is trying to free you from?