My Heart, His Words

Let the Words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your site, O Lord.


Behind the Scenes

gigi2The other day, as I walked into the house after a long day of work, my beautiful black Labrador, Gigi, greeted me with her usual bouncy jump & kisses hello.

It was in that moment that the Holy Spirit impressed on my heart the following:

“In the same way that Gigi is excited to see you, so am I when you come spend time with me.  To know your heart is ready to receive my love, my instruction, my guidance & my correction… that makes me happy… it pleases me.” {God}

Instead of feeding Gigi & then scurrying off  to my desk to work some more, I sat down with my prayer journal & Bible & began to write & listen.

God’s definitely been dealing with me lately on resting more & doing less. That said, I felt Him prompting me to read Psalm 23.  Yep, that ‘ordinary’ scripture passage I’ve had memorized since I was in elementary school.  Quite honestly, I was reluctant. I mean, If I have it memorized, how could God speak anything new to me?  {giggle} I love how God uses the mundane & ordinary to speak Truth! Check out what He revealed to me.

Psalm 23
vs 1: I lack NOTHING
vs 2: He makes me REST beside QUIET waters & RESTORES my soul
vs 3: He guides me on the RIGHT PATH
vs 4: Though the valley is dark, I am not afraid-His WORD comforts me
vs 5: He welcomes me, AMIDST MY ENEMIES. He anoints me & MY CUP OVERFLOWS
vs 6: Goodness & love will FOLLOW me & I will dwell IN HIS PRESENCE

Maybe this is old news to you, but to me, these words felt like food to my soul & water quenching my very thirsty heart.

My time with God was so precious & so necessary.  I walked away feeling so refreshed & full.  Just like my sweet friend Holley says, “Be filled up so you can pour out”.  We can’t keep pouring out of an empty vessel; we need refills!  There’s nothing quite like the Holy Spirit to fill us up & water our souls like rain after a drought.

It feels good knowing that my time with God is greeted with the same excitement & exuberance as what Gigi displays when she sees me…Oh the joy!


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behind the scenes


Behind the Scenes

Today, I’m over at “Behind the Scenes” where we take a photograph & tell the story behind it.

Mom & Me on My Wedding Day


Mom&Satin WeddingThis is my beautiful Mother hugging me after I’d made my vows to my husband, Tyler.

September 10, 2011:

The day I married Tyler, became a Step Mamma, made the best decision of my life & I married my best friend~the man God chose for me.

This picture shows the sheer joy of a mother who prayed this day would come! 

What this picture doesn’t show, is how my mother walked with me every step of the way:

How she carried me in her womb at a time when she could have chosen otherwise.
How she named me & loved me before I was ever born. 
How she prayed for me, every single day of my life.
How she taught me the Love of Jesus & the importance of pleasing Him. 
How she guided me, using God’s Word.
How she sacrificed to make my dreams come true.
How she cried as she watched me make choices I would one day regret.
How she grieved & prayed for me to see my own worth.
How she prayed I would find strength to walk away from the life I was living. 
How she wondered if she had somehow failed as a mother.
How she rejoiced as she saw me finally embracing my self-worth.
How proud she was at my academic & career accomplishments.
How over-joyed she was to meet Tyler & to watch how he treats me.
How grateful she is to see how much Tyler loves & respects me.
How satisfied she is to know in her heart I married the right man.
No, to the average person, this picture doesn’t say all that, but to me, it does.

To me, this picture speaks of the beauty of a Godly Mother’s heart & the beauty of a God who’s Grace is sufficient for me, Who’s love & forgiveness abounds & who’s healing can make something beautiful from something shattered.

The picture speaks of MY Mother, MY best friend, MY prayer warrior & MY inspiration to one day be a Godly mamma myself.

Mom, I’m so immensely grateful God blessed me with YOU. As you have walked with God, you have led by example & it’s through your example that I’ve come to see the kind of woman, wife & Mother I want to be. You see, I learned it all from you.  For all you are, all you’ve ever said, given & done; words seem so empty, even meaningless, yet I still want to say, thank you.  I love you! ♥