My Heart, His Words

Let the Words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your site, O Lord.


Encouragement for your heart

There’s something beautiful about encouraging someone else when we’re the ones needing encouragement the most.

Reaching out to someone when we’re hurting changes our focus from:

inward to upward

As we seek the One who gives healing, hope & life on behalf of someone else, we’re no longer able to stay in our own mud of:

mud of discouragmeent

Focusing our energy & emotions on encouraging another person in need, forces us to focus on God’s goodness surrounding us!

So next time you’re feeling discouraged, alone or hurting, as you share your struggle with a trusted friend, be prepared to give some encouragement as well.

Remember that it is in our struggle, that Jesus is working His best.

through us & to us

You were born for such a time as this Esther 4:14
Jesus holds you in the palm of His hand Isaiah 49:16
You are not alone Matthew 28:20

He’s numbered all your days Psalm 139:16
You are precious to Him Psalm 139:17

You are loved beyond measure Jeremiah 31:3

Have a blessed weekend!


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Rise and Shine!

Renewed Daily - Recommendation SaturdayHappy Saturday, Friend!

Today I’m coming to you via Shelly’s “Recommendation Saturday” Link-up.

Here’s hoping this finds you having woke up with a smile on your face!
For those of you with crusties in the corners of your eyes (like me), impatiently tapping your fingers on the counter as your coffee pot brews your favorite cup: Rise & Shine! 🙂

this is the day psalm 118.24

I don’t know about you, but I don’t wake up chipper. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not grouchy, but I’m not all sunshine & rainbows at 6:00 am!

I remember as a child, when my mother would wake me up for school; she was always so chipper as she walked in declaring “Rise & Shine!”{Ugh!} I hated how chipper she was that early in the morning, every single morning! I’d grumble & roll out of bed, dress myself & slowly shuffle to the kitchen where my breakfast {♥always made with love♥} sat waiting for my grumpy butt.  Mom would fire off pleasant conversation, while I sat there slowing eating my grapefruit and wishing I were in bed.

One day I got sassy enough to ask her why she had to be so chipper. then told her that she was clearly a morning person & I was not.  Unfortunately, I don’t recall her response (it’s been a few moons ago) but I do believe, after years of knowing her now, that her response was likely along the lines of Psalms 118:24, because my mom’s outlook on life has always been one that pointed me to HAPPY.  Regardless of the lemons life has thrown at her, she has a God-given gift to make lemonade! 🙂 {I’m so proud to have her for my mom & best friend! xo}

each day is a gift

So today, as you start your weekend, regardless of the crap you went through Monday-Friday, lay it all aside.  Breathe in the reality that today really is a gift to be opened with a smile of gratitude for the One to gave it!

Let today be the best day of your week so far!